Science zone galactic explorer

Members of Dobytown Kiwanis led by Jim and Sue Petersen designed and built an interactive Space Vehicle called the GX-10 Galactic Explorer for Kearney Area Children's Museum.

Dobytown Kiwanis member Jim Petersen and the early construction of the GX-10 Galactic Explorer.

The GX-10 Galactic Explorer at it's pernament location Kearney Area Children's Museum Science Zone on opening day October 26th 2011.

Early construction of the GX-10 Galactic Explorer Slide. A popular feature of the exhibit for Kids.

The slide feature upon completion and installed at the Science Zone Kearney Area Children's Museum.

With support from the Experimental Aircraft Association, Yandas and grants from the Children's Museum, NASA, Kearney Keno and the NE-IA District Foundation the project was opened to the public on Wednesday October 26th 2011. Over 1,030 hours were volunteered to build the Lander by Dobytown Members.

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