myron haines trainmanster

Myron Haines was a Charter Member of Dobytown Kiwanis, the Club's First Secretary, a former President and Lt. Governor of Division 24. With all those titles he will always be remembered for his love of Trains and building model train displays for many generations to enjoy. Myron was an integral part of the often moved train display at KidZone Children's Museum from its original location on Ave A.

When the Alia Arram Children's Museum were to open in its new facility on 4th Avenue, Myron went to work designing and helping to build the new Dobytown Junction now one of the highlights at the Museum. After his passing a memorial fund was set up at the Children's Museum to help cover costs of maintenance and the purchase of newer engines and cars.

Myron is the first individual to be so honored with a plaque at the Alia Arram KidZone Children's Museum because of his dedication to children and trains it is a fitting tribute to a man who always had a smile for everyone.

Dobytown junction grand opening

The Opening of Dobytown Junction May 22 2010