Train playroom kearney children's museum

Dobytown Kiwanis, KidZone Exhibit Committee along with Art Students from UNK held a Grand Opening of the new Toddler Train Playroom at Kearney Area Children's Museum June 1st 2016 

Dobytown Member and Trainmaster Paul Braden designed and built the base, frames and tables for the Train Playroom.

Art Students from UNK were invited to create the murals for the Playroom.

Sections of Train Playroom

Including Bridges and Roundabouts

The design allows children in wheelchairs to access the trains, plus there are areas open for children to climb under tables and pop up in the middle of the train display.

The Toddler Train Playroom was fund in part by a grant from Union Pacific of $5,000. Dobytown Kiwanis would like to thank Paul Braden for all his hard work in getting this project complete.